site traffic: a fine accomplishment

I am uber excited to report that this very site — albeit boring and unoriginal [so far] — has gone from zero to sixty in one day flat: I got FOUR hits on this site today!

Okay, so maybe it’s not that dramatic, but it is a very small step that deserves some serious celebration.  Why?  Because I learned rule #1 in directing traffic successfully to a weblog: comment on other bloggers’ sites.  And how very random has this so-called success presented itself… last night I browsed the web during the wee hours of the evening (as moms often do), pouring over super rad blogs in envious delight, and couldn’t help but leave a comment.  I had a solid opinion I couldn’t hold back; it was the natural thing to do.  I was surprised to see that because I was logged in as ameeyo to my WordPress site, my comments automatically linked back to my own glamorousmoms page.  Hence, the new traffic.

So to sum up self-proclaimed rule #1 when it comes to generating traffic to your blog: visit other popular sites, and if so inclined, leave a comment that links back to your very own page.  Be kind and courteous — even if opinionated — and do not use profanity (unless it is a profane-driven site, of course). 

Now if only I can get my site to become interesting enough to keep people there, get them to comment, and keep them coming back!  Not so sure those poor select four will ever make their way back to glamorousmoms again… but hey, at least I figured out how to get ’em here.




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